galactic central information

worlds of wisdom

or why this demonscracy
is only wasting everything

humans and nature !

because it is about coming to power
to enforce special interests

and not solutions
a world order worthy of sapiens
to shaping the future
a destiny

but just wasting everything
because only these demons
all people leaving in faint
can continue for them

to staying in power

so ... the drug of power !
like any other drug junkie

this whole world is breaking up
to continue to taste this power

but it being not only
about us today and tomorrow not even having in a hundred million years still enough resources an environment on
this planet but to be shaping a destiny full of meaning full of safety ... full of life for all sapient entities not for a trillion years but for all eternity and all that is not compatible with this aspiration with this vision being simply useless so ... since only wisdom can produce such an eternal future we have to be all full of wisdom

so what is the solution ?

of cource an argumentocracy
where arguments ... scientific truth
are coming forward

like in any real scientific investigation


the system

the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčindividual success
being the problem ... not the solution

just as this delusion of group success
from this national patriotism
this fata morgana

bringing a ... this climate catastrophe
bringing the end of this world

so ... what is the solution?
of course an argumentocracy !

where not the mass enticed to harm
to be as stupid as possible
being irresponsible

not the interests of a group
the delusion of a majority

but where everyone is excited to think
to answer the question

what is the right way ?
what the best solution for everyone ?

is this not obvious ?
is this not being wisdoms ?
last sentence ?

so we do not need any climate rights
no boundless freedom to harm
but we need

not just keep an eye on this whole world
but the interests of this whole universe

we need homo sapiens!

so ... we have all these training
fundamental change to the human
to make humans

because we know ... what he does today
being a pity for his own interests
and everyone else anyway

like a junkie knows
that he not only to reaching
but that he being a pity to all
so this system today

a single damaging orgy !

where everyone is fanned to all
included a pity ...

is that not an unfortunate thing to happen ?

where predators guarding ...
legalized by the highest courts
every human being being destroyed

which then turns out to be
as a success on all channels
of this public radio

because all these only hurt
because these billions have to be united
to make their interests come true
to their future guaranteed

or we will be in one hundred years
with steaming seas

a 100 meters having risen
experience the collapse of any order
because then there are billions

without land ... without climate ...

without any hope
only the raw violence will prevail !

to get hold of the necessary resources
to operate an air conditioning system
produce nutrients

only for yourself
and his allies to survive !

do we want that ?

and only a little time left
to avert this end

only little time left
to go around this now existing order
to explain

that there are ... inalienable rights
that will guarantee human dignity

not his death

because today already ...
no one can possible live

since he sees every day
that no one showing any wisdom !
showing no legality

that all this not only does not benefit
but all being a pity

because this catastrophe is coming
if not averted now

it will devour everyone

maybe of these 7 billion
7 can flying to the moon
to Mars

and then may be bring harm
to every sun in this galaxy
in this cosmos

but of course we will prevent that
since this would be the end of our trillion

homo sapiens

galactic foundation

we need human rights
on this planet every where
so those few ... still homo sapiens

are not wasting away to becoming
as well anti sapiens

and we need to be telling all this population
how to live an honorable life

where all solution for ... are available
at any wanted instance

we need a intelligent order
fostering responsible life

not this competing anarchy
of insane destruction

this is the planet of satan
and all these are his children
having no other task

only to satisfy his jealousy
about the creation of this universe

that is their whole existence
fainting every person

keep them frozen stiff

that there can be no resistance
about all this destruction

only this destructive rage
of everything and everyone

planet of satan

these 10 billion pest
united to destroy every human before his eyes
because these pests having nothing else
for their target

only savoir their damage
the destruction of every environment
every human being

where each of those dirty eve
infinitely disgusting

being the end of all aesthetics
in the universe

predator animal guarded !
with the support of their >
just as dirty adam elite ...
that have nothing to do
only her delusion

being the end of all intelligent life
to love and to guard

to destroy everything in this universe
only on that these eves only to splurge

" I am the best help to satan "

on that god himself in it
sinking into powerlessness 

about this madness

of this pest
this shame to the whole cosmos

not even a discussion
can be brought to about !
because then they would be unmasked

as the finest pest in the universe

galactic central

the sovereign rats paradise ...
does not need any a human worthy future
no humans it all

of course no human rights guarantee
only cost their rats insanity

of the big rats success
so ... destroying all these worlds and humans
with the help of all those rats professional companies

to make everyone faint
because humans do not need rat specialist companies

or ?

they live answerable
without needing anyone at all
who tells them what to do ....

only rats need humans as victims
to be using for their vanity
tortured to death with their delusion
from the big success

so all these pharmaceutical drugs
are in the water

all these leached fields
this micro plastic everywhere

this already tipping climate
the called for climatic emergency

all these state forcibly work
all these resources were wasted

no human needed that
and that is why he will
never go along with such

he does not need pharisees
no punks to waste his world

of course he does not need predators
licensed from this rat paradise
to eat every human
they can

he just needs to remove this pest
then there are no more problems for humans

of all these rats ...
who have been driven to power

just imagine!

all these having a dying design
for the whole universe worked out !
where they smoke every day all those cigarettes
and drinking coffee ... throwing pizza into
and fanning each other

being crazy about all this working for destruction

for this competing mental retardation
of which every homo sapiens
just disgusted can turn away

to all these amateur despots in this whole world
so enticing ... that they endanger their existence
to come here on

in this world champion class despots paradise
where not one despot is in power
but all those millions

where it will not have a spark of human rights
only the rights of all those despots

where the rivers ... with every storm
the water masses accumulate ... down canalized
to the next river and with the help of this climate catastrophe
continue to create floods with out end

and do not generate energy for these competing
in front of madly raging energy wasters

those with coal power plants ... "dead sure"
reach the end of all intelligent life!

because the nucleur power plants switched off
just because a despot regime in ukraine
another one in japan ...

none of these nuclear power plants
created a human worthy construction
and could operate safely

so not only do not we have homo sapiens here
but the competitive ... with every generation
perfectioning crowd of insane

so we need human rights guaranteed everywhere
on this world of horror

so that some of them who are still homo sapiens
do not becoming as well anti sapiens

for as long as ...
there is no argumento culture
but this secret striving for the realization
of all this insanity

there can be no science
no saving this world

from this mass of insanity


there can be no science 
since there is no humanity 
only anti everything !

anti science 
anti humanity 
anti development 
anti environment 

planet dirt is impossible 
to believe for any sapiens
impossible to even 
letting them be 

since those monsters 
are an immanent danger 
to all creation 

dirty eve ... 
being infinitely ugly
is the end of all aesthetics
meaning the end of any humanity

since eve will select only adam
being infinitely dirty 
infinitely ugly

and both of them 
are the end of any sapiens
and the end of any world

and if left unchecked
the end of this universe 

homo sapiens ?

a competing pest !
in their own paradise
created exclusively 
for the enjoyment 
of any pest ...

and the end of any human
and any environment !

only the galactic pest control
can solve this problem 

so no jesus christ 
no giordano bruno 
no galileo 

and a billion other disidents
of this pest's paradise 
may ever be xxx

not one more environment !

galactic foundation

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